In December 2004 the IRBC undertook a major review of the methods used to process record submissions of species and sub-species on the rarity list. The outcome was a radical change in rarity assessment which came into effect from the 1st January 2005. An integral component of the new system would entail placing greater reliance on available photographic evidence. For a full account of the details and background to these changes click here.

Since then the IRBC has been very grateful to birders who have sent digital photographs of rare and scarce birds in Ireland for our records and photo archive. In the past most have been sent to the Provisional List email address. In future we would request that all photographs be sent to a new address set up specifically for the purpose as follows:

This will not affect the Provisional List mail address, which will be maintained as usual.
For other IRBC email contact addresses see the bottom of this page.

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