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These pages contain a variety of notes on various topics which may be of interest and/or relevance to Irish birders. Some of the notes consist of original content and some are copies of previously published articles.

The IRBC would like to thank all the authors who have kindly provided us with notes or allowed us reproduce previously published articles as PDF documents. In addition we would like to thank Richard Millington and Steve Gantlett, the editors of Birding World and Arnoud van den Berg and the editors of Dutch Birding for allowing us reproduce articles from the pages of their respective journals.


Author   Title View
Eugene Archer Acquiring an Aquatic . . . finding the next Aquatic Warbler in Ireland Click here
Derek Charles Identification challenges presented by 2nd winter Kumlien's Gull Click here
Michael O'Keeffe That Cackling Conundrum Click here
Dave Suddaby Ageing & Sexing a Snowy Owl: is it possible? Click here

Finder's Accounts

Author   Title View
Paul Archer Common Yellowthroat at Loop Head, Co. Clare - a species new to Ireland Click here
Derek Charles White-throated Sparrow in Belfast - the 2nd Irish record Click here
Harry Hussey Hume's Warbler at Knockadoon Head, Co. Cork - a species new to Ireland Click here
Dennis O'Sullivan Lesser Sand Plover in Ballymacoda Estuary, Co. Cork - a species new to Ireland Click here
Mark Shorten Lesser Crested Tern in Ballycotton, Co. Cork - a species new to Ireland Click here
Jim Wilson American Herring Gull in Cobh, Co. Cork - a species new to Ireland Click here

PDF copies of articles originally published elsewhere. These documents open in a new window

Author   Title View
Jill Crosher The Brown Shrike in Co. Kerry (1.5MB)1 Click here
Maurice Hanafin The Canada Warbler in Co. Clare - the second for the WP ( 0.9MB)2 Click here
Steve Wing The Blue-winged Warbler in Co. Cork - a new WP bird (1.2MB)3 Click here
Pat Lonergan &
Killian Mullarney
Identification of American Herring Gull in a western European context (1.6MB)4 Click here

Family / Genus Reference Lists compiled by Joe Hobbs

Version and Date   Family / Genus Subject View
v1.12 - April 2017 Acrocephalus Warblers (PDF 0.8MB) Click here
v1.0 - September 2014 Albatrosses (PDF 0.5MB) Click here
v1.2 - March 2015 Auks (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v2.2 - September 2016 Calidris Sandpipers (PDF 0.8MB) Click here
v1.4 - June 2016 Divers (PDF 0.5MB) Click here
v1.0 - January 2015 Fulmarine Type Petrels (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.0 - April 2016 Geese and Swans (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v1.3 - September 2016 Gulls part 1 (PDF 1MB) Click here
v1.3 - October 2016 Gulls part 2 (PDF 0.9MB) Click here
v1.3 -August 2016 Harriers (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v1.3 -July 2016 Larks (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v2.8 - February 2015 Locustella Warblers (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.15 - June 2016 Phylloscopus Warblers (PDF 0.9MB) Click here
v1.4 - July 2015 Pipits (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v1.15 - March 2017 Pterodroma Gadfly Petrels (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.0 - May 2016 Sandgrouse (PDF 0.4MB) Click here
v1.9 - August 2015 Shearwaters (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.2 - September 2016 Shrikes (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.1 - October 2014 Skuas (PDF 0.5MB) Click here
v1.7 - December 2016 Storm-petrels (PDF 0.8MB) Click here
v2.9 - June 2016 Sylvia Warblers (PDF 0.9MB) Click here
v1.6 - November 2016 Terns, Noddies & Skimmers (PDF 0.9MB) Click here
v1.1 - February 2016 Tree Warblers (PDF 0.5MB) Click here
v1.3 - March 2016 Tringa Sandpipers (PDF 0.5MB) Click here
v1.0 - May 2016 Twite, Linnet & Redpoll (PDF 0.6MB) Click here
v1.6 - August 2015 Wagtails (PDF 0.7MB) Click here
v1.1 - January 2016 Wheatears (PDF 0.7MB) Click here

1Original note appeared in Birding World 12(12): 483-486

2Original note appeared in Birding World 19(10): 429-434

3Original note appeared in Birding World 13(10): 408-411

4Original note appeared in Dutch Birding 26(1): 1-35

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