The second report of the AERC TAC (Association of European Rarity Committees, Taxonomic Advisory Committee) for species-level systematics of Western Palearctic birds has been published (Crochet et al 2010). In addition to changes previously adopted by the IRBC, the AERC TAC recommend that Booted Eagle (Hieraaetus pennata) should now be included in the genus Aquila as A. pennata following recent studies of the taxonomy of Hieraaetus and Aquila eagles which show these genera do not form separate monophyletic groups. The IRBC adopts this recommendation and changes the scientific name accordingly. Booted Eagle is a Category D1 species on the Irish List following the occurrence of a pale-phase bird at various locations during 1999 (Milne et al 2002). The report should be consulted for the full exposition of the AERC TAC's decisions. Additional recommendations in the report have no relevance to the Irish List at present although they may become applicable in the future.

The NIBARC (Northern Ireland Birding Association Rarities Committee) has added Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) as a Category D1 species to the Irish List. There are several records including an adult male at Belfast Lough RSPB Reserve, Co. Down from 26 January to 11 March 2006 (NIBA 2008).

A PDF version of the latest Irish List may be downloaded here.


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