The 2007 Irish Rare Bird Report (IRBR) was completed approximately 5 months in advance of its publication in Irish Birds volume 8 number 4. This time lapse prompted the IRBC to make the report available as a PDF in October 2009 through this website. Subsequently, additional records included in the Cork Bird Report for 2005 and 2006 and some errors in the report were brought to the IRBC's attention. Normally such additions and corrections would not be incorporated until the next report; however on this occasion the decision was taken to amend the report accordingly and submit the updated version for inclusion in Irish Birds. The IRBC regrets any confusion which may have been caused as a result.

Please be advised that the 2007 IRBR PDF on this website is now updated to bring it in line with the report in Irish Birds volume 8 number 4 which is the final version. Any further additions or corrections received will appear in subsequent reports.

The IRBC's future policy on the publication of IRBRs is to produce a clearly marked interim version as soon as practical, which will be made available as a PDF through this website. Additions and corrections to the interim version received prior to its submission to the editors of Irish Birds will be applied. The final and official version will be the one published in Irish Birds and a PDF of this version will replace the interim version on this website. Any additions or corrections received following the publication of the final version will appear in future reports.

Please note: this policy has been discontinued from May 2013.

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