A recent taxonomic 'split' in Bonelli's Warbler elevated the eastern subspecies orientalis to a full species, Eastern Bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus orientalis (Ibis 139: 198). While it has always been assumed that past records of Bonelli's Warbler in Ireland have involved the former nominate subspecies, now known as Western Bonelli's Warbler, there was clearly a need to examine the evidence for this more critically. In the event, where the specific identity of birds recorded in Ireland could be established (which depended on in-hand biometric data and/or a record of vocalisations) all proved to be Western Bonelli's. A minority of records were indeterminate, and two previously accepted records are now considered unacceptable. Full details of this review can be found in the 2002 Irish Bird Report (Irish Birds 7(3): 407-408).

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