Pat Lonergan joined the Committee in January 1998. Many birdwatchers in Ireland will be aware of Pat's outstanding knowledge of bird identification and his diligence in the field, and he has proven to be a valuable addition to the team.

Jim Dowdall resigned from the IRBC in August 1998 after serving on it as a voting member for 12 years. Jim's intuitive approach to bird identification and his sharp mind served the Committee well during his tenure; he will be missed for his wit as much as his perceptive analysis.

Aidan Duggan and Paul Archer joined the Committee in January 1999. Aidan, from Cork, and Paul, originally from Dublin but now living in Waterford, are both well known and respected for their knowledge of, and keen interest in, birds and bird identification. Both have acquired considerable experience abroad. Since joining, Aidan and Paul have already made a valuable contribution to the Committee's work.

The membership of the IRBC is now as follows: - Paul Archer, Aidan Duggan, Aidan G. Kelly, Pat Lonergan, Dave McAdams and Killian Mullarney. Paul Milne is the non-voting Secretary and Jim Fitzharris is a non-voting advisory member.

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