√Čamonn MacLochlainn, who joined the Committee in June 1995, left Ireland in 1996 to work in Sierra Leone for a year and he did not participate in the assessment of records during this period. In the summer of 1997, he decided to continue his work in Sierra Leone for a number of years and, consequently, he has regretfully resigned from the Committee.

During his brief membership, √Čamonn made an invaluable contribution to the work of the IRBC and he will be missed by the Irish birdwatching community. We wish him well in his work overseas. The Committee will consider its membership at its next meeting. The membership of the Committee is now as follows:- Jim Dowdall, Aidan G Kelly, Dave McAdams and Killian Mullarney. Paul Milne is the non-voting Secretary and Jim Fitzharris is a non-voting advisory member.

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